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Hyper-Mobility in Women’s Golf

Should we keep promoting Stretching for these golfers?

There are many posts on nearly all social media explaining about flexibility for golf, this great stretch etc for golf. Many aimed at women.

With a conservative 20% of women being hyper-mobile (Kumar and Lenert, 2017) should we maybe start thinking more on stability and strength. Especially as individuals with hyper-mobility tend to have decreased muscle mass, strength as well as less proprioception (Bates, 2015, Smith et al, 2015, Pacey et al, 2013).

An easy 9 point flexibility test can be done to see how mobile we are (2nd slide).

Results: Anything more than 4 would suggest you are on the hyper scale. 

The higher the score, you should probably think less about flexibility and more on Stability and Strength.

Focusing on joint stability and neuromuscular control.