7 ways to improve your golf swing


Ever thought that your golfing technique isn’t good enough? Or not getting the results you want? Well we can help you with that! Here is our guide of 7 ways to improve your golf swing.


  1. Anchor your foot One of the most basic golf driving tips to get greater distance on your shot is to anchor your foot and your body behind the ball. The foot you must anchor is the foot that is behind the ball. For right handed players it will be the right foot and the left foot for left handed players. If you lift your foot too early when swinging the club you will lose power and distance in the shot, so timing is key.
  2. Keep your elbow touching to your hip – By keeping the right arm close to the hip you ensure the body will drive your arms and club through the ball impact. This will decrease the chances of your hands negatively influencing the shot.
  3. Let the club do the work – A common misconception amongst golf players is that the harder they hit the ball, the further that it will go. A handy golf driving tip is to focus on the middle of the ball and the control you have over your swing. This will give you much better results than trying to increase the power of your swing.
  4. Relax your muscles and keep your grip light – At the top of your backswing, make a slight pause and maintain a light grip through the swing. To keep a light grip, relax the muscles in your forearms and also your fingers. If you do this you will create a faster and brisker swing release through the ball impact. This will result in a longer drive.
  5. Visualise the shot – When you are taking your practice swings you should try to imagine the shot you wish to hit. Make sure your swing feels comfortable and picture the balls flight and direction during your practice swings. This technique will help relax your body and mind. Also never take too many practice swings as the thought of pulling off the shot will be playing in your mind and may affect your confidence before your final shot.
  6. Rotate your hips – By energetically rotating your hips on the downswing you will bring your core muscles into play and this will increase club head speed and therefore will result in a longer drive. Make sure you do this in a controlled manner and keep that foot anchored to prevent you from slicing the ball.
  7. Use a short controlled backswing for a longer drive – A common failing amongst golfers is bringing back the driver too much during the backswing. This causes a loss in control of the club. A powerful, more controlled swing can be achieved by controlling your wrists and rotating your body in to the shot, resulting in more distance