You have to see it to believe it!

We all want better rotation, it’s drummed in to all golfers. The better the coil, separation the more power we can produce.

So how can we do that just with our eyes? Well it’s a pretty cool trick that actually works and is based on sound science. We have what are termed vestibular-ocular reflexes which connect our ears and eyes to the whole body an example would be our ability to track an object with our eyes, even though our head may be turning at the same time.

Now due to some amazing trickery when we turn our head or eyes, signals are sent down to the muscles of the trunk to also rotate to the same side. So by moving our eyes in a certain way we can produce a greater range of movement in most cases. Often these greater movements are often better than just stretching alone as they are working directly on our nervous system.

The following exercise is ideal just before stating your swing warm up on the 1st Tee as it will get your nervous system ready for the game of golf.

So give the following exercise ago and let me know how you get on.

Golfer’s Rotation Trainer

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Standing in a natural stance, raise your right arm with thumb up so that it is reaching out in front of you, as though you were pointing at an object in the distance.
Keep you feet still as you rotate to the right as far as possible allowing the hips to rotate. Make a note of how far you have gone by looking at where your thumb is

Now progress to exercise

Starting with your arm outstretched in front of you again,move your arm out to the side keeping the arm at shoulder height. As you move your arm away from your body, hold your head still and follow your hand with you eyes. When you lose the sight of your thumb return the arm back to the start and repeat 10 times.

After completing 10 repetitions you are then going to perform the same movement however now you are going to rotate your head in the opposite direction while
keeping the eyes on your hand. Again when you lose the sight of your thumb return the arm and head back to the start and repeat 10 times.

After this repeat the rotation test and see how much further you can rotate.

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